Backlinks and their importance for SEO

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April 22, 2020

SEO and backlinks are like bread and butter, where they are okay on their own, but they are sizzling hot together. The fact is that if you want to achieve ranking, it’s nearly impossible to do without them. But let’s hold on to this thought as we figure out what are backlinks exactly?

What are backlinks?

Backlinking involves the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites on to your own. Links created between web pages help users to navigate between related and supporting pages on the internet. The links help differentiate content from the best, average, and low competition on the search engine.

When properly utilized, backlinks can be the building block to achieving effective Search Engine Optimization. However, it’s important to note that all backlinks are not equal. The following are some of the attributes that increase the utility and quality of a good backlink.




Relevant backlinks get a higher value on goggle because they are likely to get more clicks from people. These could be editorial links, guest posts or web 2.0 links.


Backlinks are more likely to attract clicks if they are from strong web pages rather than weak web pages.


Backlinking your web to high traffic pages will send you more referral traffic than when backlinked to weak pages.

Good quality

Quality can help fetch more quality traffic to your website.


Why are backlinks important for SEO?


1. Ranking

Numerous tasks are involved in search engine optimization, which is essential for a healthy and robust website. Backlinks are a crucial part of SEO as they help build your page authorities, significantly impacting search result ranking.
Backlinks help give your website a vote of confidence. If your website has numerous votes, it’s likely to rank on the organic search traffic.


2. Discoverability

Search engines are likely to visit popular pages more times than the unknown and unpopular ones. If you backlink your content to the popular pages, then you have a chance of having the search engines discover your content faster.
Additionally, they also look for new content by revisiting the pages they know to find new links.


3. Referral traffic

Backlinks act as a referral point for people to get useful information. That’s the reason why backlinks are clickable. When a visitor on your website clicks on a link, you get referral traffic.


4. Raise brand awareness

A backlink to a website shows that a reader can get value from the content on that page. This helps promote the brand of the website by intriguing visitors to the site.


How to get backlinks

The easiest way to get backlinks to your site is by creating great content that people enjoy. If someone loves your content, they are likely to link back and share it. Other ways are guest blogging, public relations, and engaging with others in the industry.


When it comes to ranking your web page in search engines, backlinks are vital. However, backlinks are not created equal, and as a general rule, high quality and utility links are likely to benefit you more.

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