Reasons why a dog needs its own dog bed

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March 22, 2019

Some people get a new dog, and then immediately allow it to sleep on the sofa and on their own bed at night. In many cases, they do not even think about buying the dog its own dog bed or as the germans like to say Hundebett.


There are actually several reasons why a dog should always have its own dog bed. Reasons you may not have thought of, but that will make your dog happier if he has one.


A dog likes to have his own space — Like any other creature, dogs do like to have their own place to go. A place where he knows he can comfortably lie down and relax, and nobody is going to have him move. A place where he is not in the way of anyone else in the home, and a place where he can sleep.


While he may enjoy sleeping on your bed, this is not really his own space. It is also a piece of furniture that may be moved, have people sitting or lying on it, and is not a place your dog can feel 100 percent comfortable.


Your bed is not a good place for a dog — Having your dog sleeping on your bed is not really a positive thing. Either for your dog or for you.


For your dog, being able to sleep on your bed often means he has little regard for the rest of your furniture as well. That is why you have trouble keeping him off the sofa, or why you will often find him curled up in your favorite chair.


Dogs are also not very hygienic when it comes to lying on your bed. They run around outside, and then bring dirt, water, feces and other nasty things into the home on their paws. They also get things caught in their fur and, in some instances, can even have fleas or ticks. They then bring all these things inside, roll around on your bed and make it a dirty place to lie in.


These are all reasons to buy your dog its own dog bed. That way you do not have to worry about what may be lurking between your own sheets. Neither will you have to spend time getting him off the furniture, once he learns it is a no-go zone.


There is a pack status you should adhere to — One thing many dog owners do not understand is that there is a status in what your dog considers his ‘pack’. That means him, you and your family, and there is a certain pecking order that is very important to him.


By allowing your dog onto your own bed, and not buying him his own dog bed, your status within the pack is diminished, as he now thinks he is on the same level as you.


Dogs need to be emotionally stable alone — As you will not always be at home with your dog, it is important he feels emotionally stable when you are not there. Having his own dog bed helps him feel that way, as it does belong only to him.

There are many awesome and kinda hilarious videos on youtube about dogs getting their own bed, i.e.

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