The Many Benefits of a Portable Projector

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October 24, 2019
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What is a Portable Projector?

A projector is an electronic device that takes images (both stagnant and moving) and casts them onto a surface for people to view. This can be in the form of photos or videos. The portable version of a projector is typically more compact and oftentimes will have a more basic feature to enhance its mobility. Essentially, they are smaller units that can be easily transported to any location. Although in some instances portable projectors may not have the same level of the quality output compared to a standard projector, technology is constantly improving and closing that gap of disparity.


When Would you Use a Portable Projector?

Portable projectors are most commonly used in professional environments as well as for individual entertainment purposes. Below are just a few examples of business applications that would benefit from having a portable projector:

  • Business meetings conducted at an off-site location
  • Hotel conferences
  • Private restaurant rooms

Below are a few examples of personal applications that would benefit from having a portable projector:

  • Home theater
  • Birthday parties
  • Outdoor “drive-ins”
  • Family reunions

The Best Features for a Portable Projector

When shopping around for the best portable projector to purchase, there are a few key specifications you’ll want to try to find. You’ll want to make sure the device is rated for having good optics. This includes the set of mirrors, lenses, and filters that will project the image onto a screen. Because the screen you’ll be projecting onto may vary depending on your location, you’ll want to find a device that offers high levels of brightness, resolution, and color clarity (or color contrast).


Get the Best Bang for your Buck

You can spend a lot of money on a great projector, but if you don’t have an equally good surface to cast the projected images onto then the projector will only get you so far. If possible, use a clean, flat, white surface that is within the correct range for your projector. If you position it too far from the projector, you may have a difficult time getting images to focus properly. A black border around the screen will help enhance the contrast and will make images appear even brighter.

The individual need for a portable projector will likely vary from person to person. Thankfully the market is full of well-reviewed portable projector options that cover a wide range of requirements. As technology is continually advancing, we can expect the quality and price point to only get better in the years to come.

The Nebula Anker or Mars would be a good choice for a starter projector and will cover most of the basic need. Dave2D actually has a nice review on the Nebula Anker, check it out:

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