The Meeting OWL 360 Conference Camera

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The meeting OWL 360 video conferencing camera that makes life easier for everyone that is involved in regular conference calls. It has changed the way that people look at making conference calls because it takes a different approach. It is more proficient because multiple people can be seen with a screen that essentially covers an entire room. A lot of people have trouble with hearing what other members of a team may be saying in a video conference call, but the OWL conference camera has made the process of hearing multiple people very easy. While most video cameras has a single microphone the 360 OWL is equipped with 8 microphones, and this is a surefire game changer. The audio alone is astounding, but the HD video is also something that makes the video comes through in a dazzling way.


A Simple Setup Process

A lot of people are fans of the 360 OWL video conference camera because they know it will allow them to create a video conference call session quickly. It is a simple setup process. The plug-and-play feature allows people to use this camera with a mounted iPad or iPhone. This is great for people that have regular conference calls.

This 360 camera also has the option to connect to the Wi-Fi, and that tends to be the thing that makes the conference call go smoothly. A lot of people have trouble getting connected to the Wi-Fi so they may be hindered with the time that it takes to actually start the meeting. Fortunately, people that are utilizing the OWL 360 camera have access to an automatic connection to their wireless network.

The OWL 360 is innovative when it comes to technology, and cameras that are part of this type of video conferencing environment are a step above the rest. It has the look of an actual owl, and that tends to be something that is fascinating to people that wants a 360 camera that will become a conversation piece. It is something that stands out as one of the more exceptional cameras when it comes to video and audio clarity.

People that are using these types of video cameras are typically part of a professional business environment. These are 360 video cameras that allow multiple people to be seen in videos. People get a chance to interact and the video essentially essentially shows everyone in the room effortlessly. This makes the meeting feel much more personable. Everyone does not have to sit on the same side of the room, and no one has to move from this location to engage in face-to-face conversations.

The Meeting OWL

What makes the Meeting Owl stand out is the ease in which you can utilize it. There are no downloads. There is nothing that has to be installed. Most people that are interested in video conferencing are already going to have their own platforms that they like to utilize. With the Meeting Owl they can use what they like. This is just a straight forward plug and play camera that helps you get the video conference set up much sooner. This is a lightweight camera, and people that are using this are going to appreciate the ability to do this with such ease.

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